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Oneiro takes place in a world called Terrarum. It is a magical world created by a creature far from our kind.

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There is the creator of the universe. Dues, creator of the world has been thought to have come from a different universe all together. He was an intellectual being who survived the destruction of his previous universe. As he was creating the worlds, he created his most prized position. He called it, Terrarum. He took care of this world, created living beings out of thin air. After finished this creation, he decided to hand it down to seven beings beings. He gave these beings a portion of the world to control. Their names were Tempest, Locus, Ekrixi, Glacio, Ignis, Primitiva and Reggin. After he gave power to these beings, he allowed them to do whatever they liked. Although, after the society on Terrarum grew, some of these powerful beings became power hungry. Wanting more power, some of these beings started conflict in this world. Some became heroes that everyone aspired to become. Some becoming corrupted beings of Terrarum. The living creatures that coexisted with the beings, humans, decided to created cults for these beings. War now breaks out almost everyday due to hatred of other beings from both cults and beings. Who's side will you choose

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